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The Following Spit Roast Catering dates/times are now close to or booked out.

There is no telling when we will be booked out! If you desire our services in the future book now for your home wedding, corporate, birthday, party, or bbq. Traditional spit roast catering for companies to private functions.


At our peak trade we have minimum sized functions according to the date, location and time, please enquire.

Self Serve Kits are nearly always available.


We are not booked out on any dates in 2015 as yet.

Hot Rods Roasts will be trading on minimal staff from 1/1/16 to 7/1/16.


Christmas Season 2015

 Due to high demand of our services in the Christmas Season 2015 we have the following guidelines for head counts.

Please feel free to enquire as sometimes we may be able to do smaller functions according to where and when they are.


From Monday 7th December to Thursday the 24th of December 2015

All Pick Up orders are available including Friday 18/12/15


Roast and Spuds "Carve and Go" is not available, pick up is.


All menus with the "Delivered for Self Serve" option and Silver Delight Fully Catered have a minimum of 40 Heads.

Gold, Platinum and Finger Food menus have a minimum of 80 heads.


TIP! If you are thinking of booking, we will get booked out on Friday the 18th and Thursday the 24th of December 2015 so get in early! We knocked back many functions in 2014. 


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