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We have a menu for every budget and occasion!

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Just Roast and Spuds Packages,

(You supply your own salads, bread, potatoes, condiments etc)

Whole Roast

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Spit Roast Buffet Style Packages,

 Roast with Salads or Veg, bread, potatoes etc. Pick up, Delivered for Self Serve or Fully Catered

Roast Packages Quote

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 Add ons and alternative meals


 Home Made Soups

Hot Rods Roasts Soup

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Morning/Afternoon Tea 
and Platters

Hot Rods Platters


 Pre-Dinner Nibbles
and Fully Catered Finger Food

 Fully Catered Finger Food

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Hot Rods Roast's Desserts


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 Club Meals and Miscellaneous

Budget Casseroles, Stir Fries

Budget Pastas, Hot Beef Rolls, Salad Rolls

Club Meals, Rolls, Budget Meals etc 

Suit school camps, Religious events,

 Sports clubs, Casual work functions etc

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 Hot Rods Roasts