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Soups: Menu and Quote

Prior to your Spit Roast Style Main Meal of Beef, Pork, Lamb and Chicken with fresh salads or vegetables why not have a traditional soup!

At Hot Rods Roasts we hand make our own soups at our catering kitchen.
This ensures top quality with that loving feeling.

You can choose 2 soups, served piping hot in china bowls
with stainless spoons to the tables.

Soups can be ordered with any of our served main meals.

Select soup option on your main meal booking
form to include the soup menu.


Beef and Vegetable

Potato and Leek


Chicken and Vegetable

Chicken and Corn

Thick vegetable

20-39 heads: $7.50 per head,
40-100 heads: $6.50 per head,
100+ heads $6.00 per head.

This quote is accurate in price and goods and is valid until the 29/03/16 subject to availability and our terms & conditions. 

GST included and Staff when served. We guarantee there are no extra charges other than our travel fee when served on site, see here for details.  Travel Charges

To complement your main meal with Soups or Pre Dinner Nibbles please see our one of our other main menus below.